Today was my 1st official day of training with the Couch25k program. I think this training program is going to be fantastic since it gradually builds you up to running 3 miles without stopping. It starts out slow that you don’t overdo it and get frustrated and quit. I had already been exercising with something similar to it for the last week.

Here’s how it works (and you need to visit their site-it’s great).

It’s a 9 week training program. Each week requires you to train 3 days and crosstrain on the other days. The first week you have to jog 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 60 seconds, repeat this for 20 total minutes. You also have to walk for a 5 minute warmup and 5 minute cool down. Let me tell you, I am finding it VERY hard to run for 60 seconds! Isn’t that sad?????

BUT-I am determined to become a runner. Of 3 miles anyway. 🙂

So today I ended up with a total of 2 miles in 30 minutes-jogging/walking. I am loving how I feel so far. Now remember, I am NOT giving up food-no dieting, no starving. Because I love my food! But I AM going to run a 5k this year. And so many people are encouraging me saying I CAN do this-that’s a good feeling! My co-worker trained with me today after school (my daughter, too). I even had 2 other teachers say that they might exercise with me.

I found a poster on google images that says you will notice a difference in your body after 4 weeks-COME ON 4 WEEKS!!!!!!

I would really like to know how many calories I am burning so I think I might need to make a trip to an athletic store………

This couch25k training program even has an app to download on your phone. I downloaded it to my android. It tells you when to jog, when to walk and counts the time for you. VERY COOL!



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