Wanna run a 5k?

Have you set a goal to run a 5k this year? That’s exactly my 2012 New Year’s Resolution. And I know that it will not be an easy feat seeing as I have not run in over 15 years and have quite a few extra pounds on my short frame. πŸ™‚ Some people think I won’t be able to do because I’m 41, too out of shape, etc. Some people think I will do it because I’m determined and dedicated. (I do love those people) What do I think? I think I will do it. Here is why I THINK I CAN:

1. I have run in 2 5k races before (although they were YEARS ago)

2. I’m starting small, I mean like tiny, really it’s microscopic when you think about where I’m headed!

3. I’m focusing on my endurance, NOT my weight

4. I know how good it feels after running, and I WANT that feeling

5. It’s free-running doesn’t cost any money, and I don’t have to travel to do it-I just have to travel “while” doing it

6. I know how satisfied I will feel that I have set a goal and accomplished it

7. I’m already a member of the Nerdy Book Club, and I want to be a member of that I Am A Runner Club

8. I really want to prove to myself AND the ones who “don’t believe” that I CAN do it

9. I want that t-shirt-you know to wear around and have everybody ask me. “Where did you get that running t-shirt?” and I will answer, “Oh, I ran Β in a 5k.” πŸ™‚


So, if you’re hesitant about getting started OR just need some more information about the whole training for a 5k thing-pick one of the above listed items and GO FOR IT!!! YOU CAN DO IT AND SO CAN I!!! πŸ™‚

And if you need some more information, I’ve found some for you and me at this link:




4 Responses

  1. Seriously … so awesome. Just had to say it again. It’s inspiring me to get up and go to the gym, even though the stupid cedar is making me sneeze like a crazy person and want to gouge my eyes out. If you wait until you feel good to start running … you will probably wait a long time. The good part comes about halfway through to the end. :]

    • Angie-

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’m waiting on the rain to end before heading out down our road for my 2nd official day of training-had a few “non” official days of training before I started the Couch25k training on Thursday. I ALREADY feel better and have more energy! I’m impressed about your half marathon! I’m going to jog/walk a 5k in February and another one in March and may set my sights on running/jogging a whole one in April. πŸ™‚

  2. I love you, Shannon, and I have NO DOUBTS you can do it! I am afraid I am holding MC back from what she can do because I cannot run and cannot jog for long distances. I do ALOT more walking than anything. She doesn’t seem to want to pull away from me. I wish our lives were not so hectic that you and MC could run together! Keep going!!!!!

    • Emily-

      Thank you soooooo much for encouraging me! I wish she and I could run together too, although I know she can run longer than I can right now! πŸ™‚ Maybe after I have been training for several weeks and can hold out better we could run together once a week or something. I would love that! But I’ve got to keep up with her first. Tee-hee!

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