Training-Day 2

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Today was officially my 2nd day of training with the Couch25k program. Whew! It was an adventure. First I was going to train and let my 6 (YES,6) dogs go with me. Well, my 2 alpha males decided to jump the neighbor’s dogs so I had to beat  discipline them and take ALL the dogs back to the house and put them up. Sigh. So, then I was ill-as in frustrated and ready to strangle something! 🙂

I decided to go ahead and go to town(over 20 mile away) and do my grocery shopping and then come back and train. But, while I was in town I went ahead to the junior college track and did my training. That way, I wouldn’t have any excuse to NOT train when I got home or if I ran out of time. I’m trying to put my training as a TOP priority so that I make sure I do it and let something else fall to the wayside-preferably housecleaning! 🙂

I also clocked the track (it goes around the entire college), and it’s .7 of a mile. So 4 whole laps and another one to the water fountain would make 3.1 miles. You know, in case I ever get to that point!

Starting out was rough, but 1/2 way through I felt GOOD and then the end was tough! I had to shed my sweatshirt jacket after 1 lap because I was BURNING UP. But not complaining, because I would much rather have warm weather than cold weather.

All in all, it was a good workout. And I’m loving being able to listen to music while I train. It’s a great motivator.

So, Sunday will be the end of my 1st week. I’m loving it!


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