Got lost AGAIN!!

So I got lost AGAIN! 🙂 I went to walk/jog the 5k route for the race that is coming up in 2 weeks. It’s a trail run down near Lake Martin in Alex. City, AL. I looked at the map before I left the house (live about 40 minutes from it), but must NOT have studied the map good enough! Whew! My step-son works at the horse stables down there so I called him and he just took me in his truck and showed me! LOL! Now I know where to go! So I’ll try to get back down there sometime this week! The part that I did jog/walk (and mostly jog!) was pretty and pretty hilly. 🙂

BUT the good part is that the last 1/2 of the race will be FLAT LAND AND DOWNHILL!!! 🙂 So if I can just make it through the 1st half. 🙂


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