Resting and restless

I am officially rested. 🙂 I took Thursday for my “rest day” this week because:

1. We had a dance party at school and I got lots of movement in 🙂

2. I just wanted to 🙂

Then Friday I made a lazy decision to run AFTER my hair appt-which ran later than expected and then HAD to be at Pizza Hut for my best friend’s daughter’s b’day party. SO-didn’t get a run in yesterday.

Then today I went to zumba with a friend, and we went rock climbing so didn’t have time to run today EITHER!

Which makes me officially rested for the week and LOOKING FORWARD TO RUNNING TOMORROW NO MATTER WHAT! This is my plan:

1. Sonrise service at church at 6:30 am

2. RUN

3. Cook squash for family dinner (I know-I got out easy this year!)

4. Part-time job stuff

5. Family dinner at 2pm

6. TAXES-ughhhhh 🙂

My legs are ITCHING to run!! 🙂

Tune in Sunday to see if I scratched my itch!


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