And on Tuesday she rested

Today was my OFFICIAL day of rest! It was raining and I had to stay after school to do sub plans for tomorrow and to go to a softball parent meeting at 6:30. So my daughter and I went to eat and then sat in the car and I read while of course she texted. 🙂

No exercise for me. Really missed it. I mean like really. I felt like something was missing. I contemplated running in the hall in the elementary building. Decided not to because of camera. LOL!

I really hope this couch25k program works. After about 12 days of exercising and 4 days of couch25k training I can feel “some” of my muscles getting tighter. Now I’m not saying that I look different, but I FEEL different! I think drinking 30-60 oz of water is helping a lot, too.

Day of rest done. Tomorrow here soon.

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