Treadmill boredomitis

Boredomitis. Is that a word? If it’s not then I just made it up, and it FITS!! I.hate.treadmills. 🙂

Booooring!! I could only crank out 2 loooong miles on the treadmill at the condo before I had to get off due to being BORED OUT OF MY MIND!! I really appreciate the great outdoors that God made. And I will appreciate the outdoors EVERY TIME I’M ABLE TO RUN OUTDOORS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! 🙂

I started out at 4mph, then bumped it up to about 5.5. Then (just to go ahead and get it over with) I bumped it up to 6.5. Scary! This is what I kept envisioning!

I finally got off after 2 miles and got on the stationary bike and did 6.69 miles WHILE READING!! FUN!!! 🙂

Did a little bit of strength training:

Squats-2 sets of 15

Bicep curls-2 sets of 15

Tricep thingies-2 sets of 15

Had a healthy day of eating while at the beach.

Breakfast-Oatmeal and yogurt

Lunch-Turkey Wrap

Supper-Grilled shrimp, salad, and cheese grits (well, “almost” a healthy day of eating) 🙂

It was another super relaxing day at the beach! Night!


10 Responses

  1. I am with you there! I would rather walk outside..even in a little rain or cold. Sounds like ya’ll are having a good time. It warmed up here in Ga so I hope you are enjoying some sunshine and beach time!

  2. I agree, treadmills are boring. I try to read of watch a movie as I walk t help pass the time, but it still drags.

    • Alana,

      I was thinking more like being able to run 60 miles per hour to JUST GET IT OVER WITH! 🙂

  3. i DVR my favorite shows and the only way I let myself watch them is to treadmil, so sometimes I actually do more time because I want to watch the end of a show!!!

  4. Ugh, the treadmill can be such a bore sometimes!!! But I am grateful for it on rainy & cold days because I can’t seem to break my habit of being a fair weather runner.

  5. Watching TV on my iPad has helped witht he boredom factor. But when you can’t run outside, you gotta amke the best of it.

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