Ready for summer challenge-week 2 update

I feel like I did great on week 2 of the Ready for Summer Challenge. Especially Mon-Wed. 🙂

1. My longest run this week was 6.5 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! And I hadn’t even planned to run that far, but just felt like I could keep running. 🙂 My time was 1:21:43.

2. I did GREAT with 2 fruits each day. *patting myself on the back* I still need to plan better for the veggies, but I did ok with them throughout the week. I didn’t reach my goal of 2 per day but I did eat: broccoli, green beans, carrots, spinach leaves, cucumbers, squash, grilled eggplant at a Mediterranean rest.

3. I am slowly getting to my goal of 125. The last time I weighed (Saturday) I was at 132 which is down from 133.4 last week. If that is different tomorrow morning I will update this post. 🙂

4. GET READY for this one. You know how I said I eventually want to get into a size 6? I know that not ALL pants/jeans/capris are sized the same so I am sure that I can still wear some size 10, BUT…..the size 8 jeans of my daughters are a little too loose. 🙂 🙂 🙂 AND-I went to Cato’s to try on a size 6. They fit, but I thought ummm..why not just try on a size 4 while I’m here? I FIT INTO THE 4!!!!! Now remember-I do know that I won’t be able to fit into all size 4 pants!!! But I fit into these!! So yes, I bought them!!!

New exercise-Interval training. HIIT to be exact which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. And because it was soooooooo high intensity-I only did it 1 time! 🙂 But I do want to continue to do this 2-3 times a week because I felt the burn!!!! It was supposed to be a 15 minute workout where I would sprint for 8 seconds then jog for 12 seconds-repeating for 15 minutes. 8 seconds is a loooong time! Just ask me or any bullrider! 🙂 I can definitely see where this type of workout will burn fat!!

Here are my goals for this week:

Stay sane. 🙂 My daughter’s senior prom is Friday!!!! Our state testing is this week at school! I have a conference that I have to go to Friday night (probably around 2 am AFTER the prom) and Saturday. I have a “Save Our Schools” Rally at 2pm on Saturday. My daughter’s 18th b’day is this weekend. So I might make a mini-goal of getting through the week WITHOUT taking some anxiety medicine. 🙂 Oh, and I forgot-I haven’t done our taxes yet!!! AND my part-time job stuff is due by Friday and I am NOT finished! 🙂

OK-where was I? My goals for this week:

1. Run 5 times this week with 1 run being 6 miles

2. Get some protein and healthy eating into my days-I want to start eating some oatmeal and fish. Not together. 🙂 Try the 2 veggies per day.

3. Do at least 2 HIIT workouts

4. 50 crunches per day with some jumping jacks and squats-I want to tone up

Good luck to everyone else on the challenge!!! What’s a new goal that you have set for yourself?


Ready for summer challenge Week 1

This is the first week of the Ready For Summer Challenge, and I’m so excited to have goals set. You can link up over at their blog if you want to and join in the fun!

The challenge has you set 4 major goals to hopefully reach in the next 10 weeks. This week is week 1 so I am breaking my goal down into manageable chunks for this 1st week. (Should have posted this on Sunday night-please forgive the procrastinator in  I’mme!) 🙂

1. Fit into size 6 jeans: This week I will increase my running mileage AND do strength training 2-3 times. The strength training will consist of using my body weight as resistance since I can do this at home. I WANT to do it in the morning to get it over with because I don’t look forward to this kind of exercise, BUT I’m not a morning person so we will see. 🙂

2. 137 pounds to 125 pounds-I need to lose a little over a pound this week.

3. 3 to 6 miles-I am going to s.l.o.w.l.y increase my running mileage so that I can run 6 miles at the end of the 10 week challenge. So this week’s schedule looks like this: 3.75, 2, 2, 3.5, 4 (Not necessarily in that order) Got this from a 10k training program even though I’m not planning on running in a 10k-just want to be able to run it on my own.

4. Healthier eating (fruits, veggies, protein)- I’m going to try and eat 2 veggies and 2 fruits each day. Haven’t decided on the protein yet-need to get to work on that.

So there are my chunks! Happy challenging! 🙂

Finished week 2 couch25k!!!

Just finished week 2 of my couch25k training!!!!! I wonder what week it will be when I am no longer sore????

Yesterday I did an hour of zumba and my training of 30 minutes. I almost thought I had overdone it. Maybe I did since I was asleep by 9:30! 🙂

Today I walked (only walked) 6 miles-woohoo! I knew I had to step the walking up today since we are having a family gathering this afternoon. Can you say “potluck”? I’m going to try and be good with the food. Lol.

Even though my main goal is not to lose weight and to just be able to run a 5k without stopping, I’m still watching HOW much I eat since that affects my jogging/training. So I am weighing myself each Monday morning JUST to see where I am. Look for that post tomorrow. 🙂

Today was my 1st official day of training with the Couch25k program. I think this training program is going to be fantastic since it gradually builds you up to running 3 miles without stopping. It starts out slow that you don’t overdo it and get frustrated and quit. I had already been exercising with something similar to it for the last week.

Here’s how it works (and you need to visit their site-it’s great).

It’s a 9 week training program. Each week requires you to train 3 days and crosstrain on the other days. The first week you have to jog 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 60 seconds, repeat this for 20 total minutes. You also have to walk for a 5 minute warmup and 5 minute cool down. Let me tell you, I am finding it VERY hard to run for 60 seconds! Isn’t that sad?????

BUT-I am determined to become a runner. Of 3 miles anyway. 🙂

So today I ended up with a total of 2 miles in 30 minutes-jogging/walking. I am loving how I feel so far. Now remember, I am NOT giving up food-no dieting, no starving. Because I love my food! But I AM going to run a 5k this year. And so many people are encouraging me saying I CAN do this-that’s a good feeling! My co-worker trained with me today after school (my daughter, too). I even had 2 other teachers say that they might exercise with me.

I found a poster on google images that says you will notice a difference in your body after 4 weeks-COME ON 4 WEEKS!!!!!!

I would really like to know how many calories I am burning so I think I might need to make a trip to an athletic store………

This couch25k training program even has an app to download on your phone. I downloaded it to my android. It tells you when to jog, when to walk and counts the time for you. VERY COOL!


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